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The Green Mountain Division represents the greatest cross-section of forestry professionals and expertise in Vermont. Members are active in all aspects of management for State, Private, Federal and industry owned forests. We are unique in that we help set forest policies for these lands and implement them. We provide expert testimony and are the best source of forestry and forest science information for the public and the natural resource community. Our members are not only active in the field of forestry but serve their own communities as well in government and civic organizations..

Green Mountain Division members conduct a winter meeting, usually held in January. General topics of interest regarding emerging issues, new laws, policies, and the status of forest management are usually covered.

A summer meeting, is usually held in July or August. This meeting covers more technical aspects of forestry and often includes work or visits of job sites in the field. Technology transfer is the focus.

A wide range of people in the forestry field are invited, including non-member foresters and foresters from adjacent states. Credits are offered for Forestry Certification.

The Executive Committee is made up of Green Mountain Division officers who serve two year terms and various standing committee Chairs. The Executive Committee meets about four to six times a year to conduct Division business. Committee members make decisions regarding forester and public education, monetary support to various forestry initiatives and partners. Information on the state of affairs and Legislative actions affecting the practice of forestry is shared. Coordination between various committees occurs, requests for action, and policy positions are acted on.

The Society of American Foresters (SAF), started in 1900, is the nationwide professional society for foresters and other professionals working in fields related to the study and management of our forest resources.

In Vermont the SAF is represented by the Green Mountain Division (GMD), initiated as a chapter in 1956. There are around 200 members. The membership is comprised of foresters who have a minimum of a bachelor of science degree from an SAF-accredited institution in forestry or a related field. The following is a partial list of the disciplines in which our members are trained:

Forest management
Forest entomology
Forest economics
Forest biometry
Forest ecology
Forest pathology
Forest recreation
Wildlife and habitat management

The GMD has members who work in the following jobs areas:

  • Vermont State Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation
  • United States Forest Service, Green Mtn. National Forest and Northeast Forest Experiment Station
  • University of Vermont Professors in the Department of Natural Resources
  • Industrial foresters working for paper companies and sawmills
  • Private consulting foresters who manage thousands of acres of non-industrial private woodland for a variety of in-state and out-of-state owners
  • An extremely active student chapter at University of Vermont

The purpose of the SAF is to provide for a professional organization that serves to further the quality and professional ethics of its members and to advance issues that are critical to the wise use and conservation of our forest resources in Vermont as well as across the nation. SAF members serve on the boards and as members of many resource-oriented organizations across the state. SAF promotes and provides continuing education for all foresters on subjects appropriate to contemporary issues as well as subjects based on classic technical knowledge.

SAF members are often asked to testify before he legislature on forest resource issues. Quite often the input of SAF members into this process leads to better bills, laws and regulations for the proper use of our resources in Vermont now and in the future.

SAF members must adhere to a strong professional code of ethics that stresses wise use and conservation of our resources and a clearly defined path of ethical behavior. Our hope is that our profession will be at the forefront of negotiations for resolution of future environmental issues in Vermont.

Revised 12/01

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